Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wedding Fun

 My nephew Josh married sweet Abby back in August and Finn and Sidney Claire were part of the festivities. 
 cheesing it up at the Hotel before Rehearsal dinner
 waiting patiently for pictures
 Finn and Brody
 The handsome groom with his ring bearers

 Wedding weekend wore this girl out.

 seriously, the cutest ever!!

Just a few of my favorite pictures...

I just wanted to add of few of my favorite pictures that I had on my phone from this summer.  Its crazy to me how much they have grown and changed in just the last few months. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mornings ain't easy

As most of you know, Jeff is up and out of the house for work long before the rest of us wake up each morning, which means I'm getting myself and the kiddos ready for work and school each day solo.  I'm not going to lie, its ROUGH!  But it seems like lately, we've gotten into a pretty good routine and the mornings are getting easier as the kids get older.  We've even had time to take a quick picture or 2 before leaving the last few weeks.  I've loved looking at these and sharing on facebook and instragram the last few weeks so much that I'm really going to try and make it a goal to get a picture everyday for the year. 
Just a quick update on the kiddos:
This girl.  She is a mess, but so much fun!  She is full of life and personality and knows exactly what she whats, how she wants its and my goodness if you don't understand that she will explain it real quick.  She is everything I've ever wanted to be, but was too scared to be. She makes me so proud and so infruiated all at the same time. I've been praying for patience and wisdom and just general help more than I've probably ever prayed for anything.
 Sidney Claire is going big places and I'm so excited to have this front row seat. 
At 19 months Sidney Claire is talking up a storm and is so stinking smart I don't know what to do with her sometimes.  She is in the 2 year old class at daycare and according to her director and teachers one of the most mature and advanced in the class.  I'm so proud and so scared at the same time. 
She loves, loves, loves Snow White and will tolerate Frozen.  Other than that she is not interested in TV at all.  She likes playing Monkey Lunchbox on the ipad and loves to read books.  Her other hobbies include stealing toys from her brother, throwing things in the trash can, sitting on the potty, and cleaning up.  She is a huge fan of fruit snacks and waffles.

Waffles: Breakfast of Champions

Finn Edward is still my sweet, laid back, easy going guy. He turned 3 in April and is really such a big boy these days.  He is about 90% potty trained, has a brand new big boy bed with a slide, and loves superheros.  His favorite movie right now is How to Train Your Dragon and Meet the Robinsons.  Hulk is his favorite superhero, with the rest of the Avengers coming in a close second.  He loves to cuddle watching movies and will just randomly grab my hand and kiss it. He loves the ipad and telling his mama "five minutes!" any time I ask him to do anything.  For the most part he is a very well behaved little man and I'm so thankful!  Two mornings ago, he asked to take a picture with me and of course I agreed.  

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter

 We had a wonderful Easter!
We got up and ready for church and then took the kids downstairs to see their Easter Baskets. 

We went to church and got to participate in a super fun egg hunt after the service and then went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. 

 Sidney Claire just started wiping her face with a napkin while eating. I love seeing her little mind working and picking up the little things we as adults do without even thinking about how little ones are watching and learning.
 The bowtie kills me every single time! I just love this kid.
 This was the best we could do and its not great, but its real life.

Of course, we didn't get up and ready early enough to get any pictures before church and the kids weren't very cooperative that afternoon as they were both tired and ready for naps.  But, I still think we managed to get a few cute ones to remember this Easter.  Hope you enjoy!

 yeah, she wasn't interested in standing still even for a second.
 Not a single one of both of them looking at the camera, but again, this is real life with 2 toddlers.

 And he's gone....
 Sidney Claire is quite the Daddy's Girl and I love it.

 Could she be any more beautiful?