Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend 2013

We had one of the best weekends ever this past weekend.  We seriously hit the trifecta! The weather was beautiful, both kids were healthy and happy and Jeff wasn't on call!

We started out Saturday morning at our favorite place, the donut shop! It's hilarious how happy donuts make this boy.
 After donuts we headed down to the RiverMarket to shop at the Farmer's Market.  Of course, somehow the boy ended up with a new dinosaur. Sidney Claire got some new hair bows and Momma and Daddy got some amazing strawberries, aspargus and tomatos.
 Love these boys!
 Once we got home, we played outside while Jeff grilled steaks and aspargus for my Mother's Day Lunch.
 Bubble machine is the greatest invention ever.
 Best strawberries ever. Seriously.
 After naps we headed out to Pinnacle Mountain. We walked one of the trails that is paved. Good for the stroller and good for out of shape parents, haha! The trail was just under 1 mile and Finn walked/ran the entire thing.  He loved finding rocks and sticks and throwing them in the creek.  He still hasn't settled on a dominat hand, but right now he seems to be leaning towards the left when throwing.

 Big brother really wanted to push the stroller, but he's just not quite tall enough to do it on his own so Daddy lent a hand.
 After a great night of sleep, we headed to the Zoo on Sunday.  We really get our money's worth out of our yearly membership!:-)
 Its seemed like every animal there was out enjoying the weather. We actually saw all 3 of the Rhinos which has never happened and we go ALOT! Finn also got to see his beloved Zebras, but we didn't get a picture.

Watching Cars 2 before bed. I am so thankful to be these two sweet babies Momma.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Iphone Picture Dump

It's been another crazy busy week of just living life. :-)

 such a big girl sitting in her bumbo!

 May be my favorite picture ever!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Our weekend

We had a crazy busy weekend that went by way too fast! Saturday morning I had to work a  Confernece downtown until noon.  Once I got home we loaded the car up and headed to Jonesboro to watch our neice Peyton in her ballet Sleeping Beauty.  We stopped for some lunch on the way out of town.  I'm sure there will be a picture very similar to this one when he's in college, haha!
 Sidney Claire was excited to be out of the car and able to stretch out at Mimi and Papa's.
 Then she decided she needed a nap.
 Finn did so good at the ballet!  We were prepared to have to leave early, but he was mesmorized by the dancers.  He sat in his Papa's lap the entire first half just watching and clapping.  After intermission, he sat with his cousin Parker watching a movie on the iphone.  We were so proud of him that we stopped for some Andy's frozen custard  afterwards, even though it was already 9pm.
 On Sunday we headed up to Papa and Uncle Mike's land for our annual Sheridan family reunion.  Unfortantly it was cold and rainy, but Finn had fun running around with all the cousins anyway.  They will all probably end up sick, but they sure had fun. Finn slept most of the way home, but once he woke up he was in need of a snack.  This picture could quite easily be one of his Daddy at this age.  I've heard lots of stories about Jeff and his love for pringles.
 We picked up Butch on our way into town.  He had a great time as usual at Margie's house, but he was excited to see us.

 We also stopped at Babies R Us on our way in to pick up these bottles.  Sidney Claire is still struggling with reflux so we are going to see if these really are the miracle workers everyone claims they are.  Keep your fingers crossed! between spitting up and diaper explosions she went through 6 outifts, 8 bibs and 10 burp clothes in less than 24 hours.  The laundry is getting rediculous! Plus, I know it's painful for her.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

She's On A Roll...

It's officall, she's not a newborn anymore.  This baby girl can roll over!  I thought it was a fluke at first, but then she ended up doing it like 5 times in 15 minutes.  I can not believe she is already doing this! Finn was literally 8 months old before he rolled over.  Now he was much fatter than this little cutie and he did roll over and crawl the same day, but still! Here are the 2 videos I took, couldn't decide which to post, please ignore my super annoying voice.  Why is it that you hate to hear your own voice on tape? 
And since she can roll over now that means no more swaddle at night.  We tried out the sleep sack last night for the first time and it seems to work fine.  She did wake up around 2a, but went back to sleep once I gave her the paci.