Tuesday, November 27, 2012

School Pics!

Are these not the cutest/cheesiest pics ever! It was so hard picking which ones to buy! I ended up not even getting two of the poses and they were equally as good as these.

I also think its hilarious that the newspaper that is used as a prop is from my hometown! Who would have thought the Times Record would make an appearance in pictures taken at a daycare in Little rock!

He has grown and changed so much since the last school pics. In those he only had two little bottom teeth in his smile and now he's got a mouthful of pearly whites. Love this sweet big boy!

(excuse the poor quality as these are pictures of the pictures)

Yard Work

Finn was a big help this afternoon. We raked a big pile and Daddy got home from work just in time to bag them all up!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

We made it to exactly 3 houses this year, before the meltdown occured and we headed home. Finn didn't quite understand that it wasn't appropriate to just walk into a stranger's house and make himself at home.  Granted, he did actually know the 2 of the neighbors we visited, and the other one did have an awfully cute puppy, but it still isn't socially acceptable, haha!

He sure was a cute little Monster though...

 I had to bribe him with candy to get any pictures of him standing/sitting remotely still.  Although, apparently our deal did not involve actually looking at the camera.  Where oh where did the child who immediately started smiling hamming it up whenever a camera came out go? 
 This is what happens when we made him sit down.... Awesome

 Walking up to our first house.

 He also refused to hold his own candy bag, haha!

Taking a self guided tour of the neighbors house.
Meltdown begins.....
I will say that he is teething and has a few other ailments right now that are probably preventing him from feeling/acting his best right now.  Here's hoping those molars pop thru soon and we can all get back to our normal laid back, happy selfs!

On a side note, Finn spent his first night in his new room last night and did great! He slept like a champ and whenever you ask him if he likes his new room he takes off running for it.  We moved everything, including his crib from his old room, so really the only difference is the wall color and more floor space to play.  I really think he is going to like actually having room to play in his room, and I'm excited about the possiblity of getting that dang ball pit out of our living room. :-)

Monday, October 29, 2012

27 1/2 Weeks

27 1/2 Weeks with Baby Girl Sheridan
27 Weeks with Finn
Pretty sure this little girl isn't so little, haha! Still don't weigh near what I did at this point with Finn so that's good.  I had my gluocose test today and should get my results in a few days.  Praying for a continued healthy pregnacy and healthy baby!
This time is going by so fast! We just got started clearing out the office to move Finn in and he should be settled in his new room by the weekend.  Then its time to paint and set up BG's furniture!  I got her bedding in the mail this week and I love it.  I can't wait to see how her room comes together, its going to be sooo girly.:-) 
In case anyone is wondering, we do have a name for this sweet little girl, but have decided to keep it to ourselves until she is born.  This is quite annoying to most of our family members, which makes it all the more fun. 
And just so I don't forget, Finn calls her "Sister" and when you ask her where his baby sister is, he will sometimes point to my belly and other times point to his belly.  I think he's a little confused,  ha!  I feel a little guilty at times about how much this is going to rock his world, but I know he is going to be a great big brother!

Pumpkin Pictures 2012 or Reason #63 Finn Will Need Therapy One Day

So most of you probably remember Finn's pumpkin picture from last year, but just in case you missed it, here is a refresher.
So yeah.... Doesn't get much cuter than that right? 

We really wanted to do it again this year, but we knew we were going to need a MUCH bigger pumpkin for our big boy.  We found one at the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago, paid a rediculous amount of money for it and hauled it home.

None of these are edited, but these are my favorites so far.....

And just a few fun pics from that afternoon playing in the yard.
 When exactly did he stop being a baby and turn into such a big boy!?!
 Blurry, but I just love the look on his face.  And, let's face it, it's practically impossible to get picture of an 18 month old that isn't a little blurry, ha!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

On Saturday, we headed out to Motley's Pumpkin Patch here in LR.  We all had the best time and I am so excited for this to become a yearly tradition!  I would even go back again this year, it was that much fun!  If you live in Central Arkansas you really need to check it out.  They have a petting zoo, hayrides, pig races(hilarious), a cow train, hay bales and swings for the kiddos and obviously pumpkins! AND it's also a Christmas tree farm, can't wait to go back this December and cut down our tree.
Not sure what he was pointing at, but I'm guessing the tractor that was pulling the hayride.  LOVES tractors!

 Picking out a pumpkin with Daddy

 Playing in the hay
 Not sure which is cuter, the bottom lip in the top picture, or this cute little booty!

 Finn and I rode the cow train. About 20 seconds into the ride I realized what a huge mistake I had made.  Who knew how bumpy that thing would be! When it was over, Jeff took one look at me and said "your face is so red, give me Finn you need to sit down and rest". Music to my ears! So while the boys went on a second ride, I sat in the shade with my drink and the camera. 
 Daddy's turn.....

He was over the top happy/excited about the petting zoo
 Feeding the donkey

 Just watching the animals
 SOOOO Excited about the tractor!

Friday, September 28, 2012


This picture just makes me so happy!  I can still hear his belly laugh and the motor boat sounds he was making while "surfing".  We have about 100 pictures of him doing this from the week, but even if there wasn't a single one, I will always remember this moment. 

Family Pics on the Beach

I had been planning on getting familly pictures on the beach since we booked our vacation.  I thought out exactly what I wanted the boys to wear and started scooping out good spots by our house the moment we got there.  BUT, I'm pregnant and therefore, can barely remember where I parked my car most days.  I completely forgot to pack something other than tshirts and shorts for me so I had to go to Target the night before and search for something that would work, fun times when your pregnant. Then of course Finn was tired from a long day on the beach and not the most cooperative.I think he screamed and cried 90% of the time that we shooting.  We took approxiamately 350 pictures to get these 20 or so good ones.  And we waited until Thursday to take them so there wasn't alot of time for make ups, since we knew that on Friday we would want to stay on the beach soaking up our last few hours of vacation.
Even with all of that, I think they turned out awesome.  Now I just have to choose which ones to frame!  Suggestions?
 Love these two!

 He was pretty much only happy when running away from us, haha!

 Trying to trick the boy into thinking he's having a good time.
 The next three are my favorites for a big one, but I can't decided which I like best.

 love Finn's serious face.

 "What? You don't want me to lay down and roll around in the sand?"