Tuesday, November 27, 2012

School Pics!

Are these not the cutest/cheesiest pics ever! It was so hard picking which ones to buy! I ended up not even getting two of the poses and they were equally as good as these.

I also think its hilarious that the newspaper that is used as a prop is from my hometown! Who would have thought the Times Record would make an appearance in pictures taken at a daycare in Little rock!

He has grown and changed so much since the last school pics. In those he only had two little bottom teeth in his smile and now he's got a mouthful of pearly whites. Love this sweet big boy!

(excuse the poor quality as these are pictures of the pictures)

Yard Work

Finn was a big help this afternoon. We raked a big pile and Daddy got home from work just in time to bag them all up!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

We made it to exactly 3 houses this year, before the meltdown occured and we headed home. Finn didn't quite understand that it wasn't appropriate to just walk into a stranger's house and make himself at home.  Granted, he did actually know the 2 of the neighbors we visited, and the other one did have an awfully cute puppy, but it still isn't socially acceptable, haha!

He sure was a cute little Monster though...

 I had to bribe him with candy to get any pictures of him standing/sitting remotely still.  Although, apparently our deal did not involve actually looking at the camera.  Where oh where did the child who immediately started smiling hamming it up whenever a camera came out go? 
 This is what happens when we made him sit down.... Awesome

 Walking up to our first house.

 He also refused to hold his own candy bag, haha!

Taking a self guided tour of the neighbors house.
Meltdown begins.....
I will say that he is teething and has a few other ailments right now that are probably preventing him from feeling/acting his best right now.  Here's hoping those molars pop thru soon and we can all get back to our normal laid back, happy selfs!

On a side note, Finn spent his first night in his new room last night and did great! He slept like a champ and whenever you ask him if he likes his new room he takes off running for it.  We moved everything, including his crib from his old room, so really the only difference is the wall color and more floor space to play.  I really think he is going to like actually having room to play in his room, and I'm excited about the possiblity of getting that dang ball pit out of our living room. :-)