Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Jax!!

Jax turned 4 years old on the 11th.  We celebrated at Larry's Pizza and Finn had the best time talking to his buddy Stone, eating crackers and enjoying his first taste of pizza.  We forgot our camera so all these were taken with the iphone. 

laughing boy

I took this video Saturday night while Finn and I were playing.  I LOVE hearing his sweet laugh and I even love his little snort more.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Doctor Appointment and Visitors!

Finn had his first Doctors appointment yesterday morning.  He weighs 8lbs 6oz, which is a 9oz gain since his discharge from the hospital a week ago and 3oz more than his birth weight.  His billi levels are still a little high, but the doctor isn't worried at this point and just wanted us to keep an eye on his color and bring him back in if we feel that its getting worse, otherwise we won't go back until his 1 month appointment on the 31st.

 Finn had a house full of women come visit him last night.  Three of my best friends, Amanda, Alicia and Kristy came to love on Finn and they brought their little ones as well.  These three all arrived within three weeks of each other almost 3 1/2 years ago.  I have spoiled them all rotten and love them to pieces.  I was so excited for them to meet Finn, they have been waiting on him for a long time and G and C were pretty upset they couldn't come see him in the hospital. Georgia and Chloe both kept saying "He's sooo cute!" and giving him lots of kisses.  They were very excited to hold him.
 Georgia and Finn
 Chloe and Finn
 Finn with his "Aunt Manda"
Jax and Finn
Jax wasn't interested in Finn at all until the girls left then he wanted to love on him.  Jax is going to have a little brother of his own in June, so he was getting in some practice.:-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cotton Bowl 2012

The Ebbings were nice enough to have us over to watch the Cotton Bowl this year. We have watched many a Razorback game with this crew, and let me just say how very blessed we are to have such great friends.  We have said more than once that Eddie and Candy are our "Little Rock" parents.  They are always there for us and are just as smitten with Finn as we are.

Todd and Jeff playing with Finn

 The Sheridan Fam
 The Crazees Crew

 Margie and Candy
 Me and Jeff with Louie
 Kristy, Margie and me
 The Ebbing Family Christmas Card!  Eddie, Louie, Belle, Garbo and Candy
 The Ebbings plus Jeff, haha!
 Sweet Belle

Christmas Afternoon

After Finn played with all the toys Santa brought him, we loaded up the car ONE more time and headed to Jonesboro.  We got there around 2 and I wish you could have heard all the "oohhs" and "ahhs" and "yay, Finn's here!"  The whole Sheridan crew was quite excited to see Finn. 

 Finn had lots of presents to open at Mimi and Papas.  He was quite the pro at getting the tissue paper out of the bags.
 Finn got lots of cute new clothes from his Mimi and Papa

 He even got a cool new Razorback shirt from Aunt Angie, Uncle Shon  and his cousins Parker and Peyton. As you can see he was excited about it.

 Aunt Holly, Uncle Mike and AK got him so really neat stacking toys and a set of blocks.  He has played with these toys more than anything else he got for Christmas.  Good Job, Aunt Holly!


That evening Finn fell asleep while we were watching a movie.  Poor little guy was really starting to feel crummy at this point, but it was so nice to snuggle with my baby.  I hate that we didn't get any other pictures while in Jonesboro, but I think we were just a little tired by this point, ha!