Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Morning

Back in September, Jeff and I decided we would only get Finn one present from us and of course a present from Santa, but otherwise we weren't going to spend alot of money this year.  HAHAHA!!

Of course, we ended up going nuts and buying this kid all kinds of crazy toys and I actually ended up not even wrapping some of them and just left them in the closet to pull out in a few months.  Needless to say, the child didn't go without this year.

Santa brought him is really cool rocking snail that plays music and everything!  (Santa got a really good deal on Zulily.)
 This cracks me up! He's a little Lane Frost.

 He was pro at opening gifts by this point. Poor Butch was still sleepy, he's getting older and all this travel and crazy holiday business just wears the guy out.
 its a cool steering wheel so Finn can practice yelling at other drivers like his daddy does.  I shutter to think about what his first word might be.
 Momma and Daddy thought he could use a few more books, because really can you ever have too many?
 This Vtech heliocopter was a huge hit

 Looking at the tree with Momma

Friday, December 30, 2011


 "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
This year we started what we hope will become a tradition at our house. 

8 months

Another month has flown by and our tiny baby is now such a big boy.  Finn looks so grown up in these pictures!  At 8 months our little guy is loving life.  He is a great eater(he will pretty much eat anything we give him and LOVES to eat off our plates) and an even better sleeper, he definately takes after me in that area.  He has started waving bye-bye and can scoot around on his bottom, but still isn't crawling or rolling over for that matter.  I'm pretty sure he's just skipping that milestone all together.  Just tonight he pulled up to his knees on the basket that has his toys in it and went from a sitting position to hands and knees.  He will probably be crawling within a few weeks. 

Finn was not really in the mood for pictures this night.  He has been sick with a horrible cold since before Christmas. I took him to the doctor yesterday after I found out that the daycare has had 2 confirmed cases of RSV, awesome.  Good news is he doesn't have RSV, but he does have another sinus infection, so we are back on antibiotics and hopefully will be feeling better soon.

 Look at how far his foot turns in....just like his momma.
 This is pretty much how Finn looks 90% of the time these days.  Snot and drool all over his face.  Poor Baby! 
 Diapers: Size 3
Shoes: some are size 2 and his tennis shoes he wears most of the time are 3s
Clothes:  Still wearing mostly 6-12 months, but moving on into 12 month for the most part.  Thankfully his gran and mimi got him lots of cute clothes for Christmas
Weight: 18lbs on 12/29/11

 Two Teeth!!  And you can see his little gums are so swollen so I won't be surprised to see a few more soon.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

We had the best time in Fort Smith this year.  We ate at our two favorites, Juans and Genos and got to spend lots of time with the fam.  Finn loved getting so much attention and really he's not spoiled at all. :-)

 Time to open presents!

 "Ummm... think I might need a little help"

 "Heck ya, just what I've always wanted."  Got to get him started early so he can follow in his cousin Brody's footsteps

 "This paper is awesome" 

 more toys that make lots of noise, yay!
 Finn was really interested in the pjs his Gran and Papa Sid got for him

 helping Momma open her presents
 Brody, Finn and Josh
 Finn loves his cousin Josh and I'm pretty sure Josh is pretty crazy about him too.
 Papa Sid and Gran with their youngest grandson

 About to hit the road home to LR, but had to get a pic with Papa Sids blown glass tree
 You would never guess from looking at these pics that Finn hardly slept and coughed like an old man the entire time we there.  We are SO lucky to have such a happy boy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

christmas photo shoots

thought I would try this one in black and white.  Not sure if I like it better in color? Thoughts?

 I really like these of Finn looking at the Christmas tree.  Tried some different editting styles and couldn't decide on my favorite. I promise my tree isn't crooked in real life just the angle of the pictures i guess.

Sunday, December 18, 2011