Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter

 We had a wonderful Easter!
We got up and ready for church and then took the kids downstairs to see their Easter Baskets. 

We went to church and got to participate in a super fun egg hunt after the service and then went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. 

 Sidney Claire just started wiping her face with a napkin while eating. I love seeing her little mind working and picking up the little things we as adults do without even thinking about how little ones are watching and learning.
 The bowtie kills me every single time! I just love this kid.
 This was the best we could do and its not great, but its real life.

Of course, we didn't get up and ready early enough to get any pictures before church and the kids weren't very cooperative that afternoon as they were both tired and ready for naps.  But, I still think we managed to get a few cute ones to remember this Easter.  Hope you enjoy!

 yeah, she wasn't interested in standing still even for a second.
 Not a single one of both of them looking at the camera, but again, this is real life with 2 toddlers.

 And he's gone....
 Sidney Claire is quite the Daddy's Girl and I love it.

 Could she be any more beautiful?