Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

We spent Easter in Jonesboro this year with the Sheridan crew and had such a great time.  We dyed eggs, went to church, and had a fun egg hunt with the cousins.  Finn's cousins just adore him and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. 

This was the best family pic we got before church
 My 2 favorite boys
 Finn gots some Easter goodies from his Aunt Angie
 Ms. Margie got Finn this duck for Easter.  He sings a silly song and Finn just loved him.  He came in very handy while trying to get this boy to smile at the camera. He also "talked" on this phone all weekend.
 sweet baby

 Finn was not a fan of sitting in the grass.  I love how he would stick his foot up in the air.
 Amazed at the candy that was in the egg he "found"
 look at those blue eyes! I always thought I wanted a brown eyed baby, but my goodness those eyes are just beautiful
 He was very interested in the egg dying/painting
 "Look at my egg, Daddy"
 Sweet boy all dressed for church
The Sheridan Kids: Mike, Tim, Jeff and Angie

11 months

My sweet baby is another month older and that much closer to turning 1.  I knew when he was born that this year was going to go by fast, but wow! There are days that I miss my sweet tiny baby, but mostly I love watching him grow and learn new things every single day. This past month has been especially full of new tricks.  At 11 months Finn crawls 100 mph, says about 5 words, and is learning to joys of pulling up.  He also bit his Momma this month, which as not so much fun.  I had a bruise for a full week on my arm. 


Diapers: size 4
Shoes: size 3
Clothes: anywhere from 12 months to 24 months.  He has a super long torso with short legs which makes for interesting shopping for Momma.
Eats: 3 solid meals a day of table food with some baby food thrown in.  He has 2 snacks at school and takes 3-4 6ounce bottles a day. 
Language: "Momma", "DaDa and daddy", "dog", "bye-bye", "more" and today he said "Hi Daddy" completely unprompted.  He will wave bye-bye, but never on command.  I have a feeling he is going to be a bit stubborn.
Favorites: Books! He brings me about 25 books a day to read to him and gets MAD if I try and just turn the pages and not really read.  He loves balls of any kind and has mastered the art of throwing and will play "catch" for hours.  He also loves to watch Sesame Street and plays with his cars alot.

We had our first stomach bug this month which was pretty yucky, but we made it through.

I couldn't get him to take pictures in his crib this month, because he has decided that if its not bedtime he's not supposed to be in there and will throw a fit.  Fits have offically started and luckily so far they are still few and far between.  They mostly occur during diaper/clothing changes or if I won't read the book properly, haha. 

"Look at me, Momma"