Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1 Month

This first month as a family of four has flown by! Time really needs to slow down, but I know its most likely to only speed up once I go back to work and we really get into our new normal.  Sidney Claire made what seems like a seamless transition into our family and its hard to remember how things were before she was here. Although, I do know it was alot easier to go anywhere, haha! 
 One Month Stats:
Weight: 9lbs 2oz- As of 2/19 you still weren't back to your birth weight. When we left the hospital you were 8lbs 7oz and stayed there for a solid week.  You seemed to be eating normally and were always content but just weren't gaining weight.  After what seemed like a gazillon weight check appointments you finally hit 9'1 on your 3 week bday and your Dr. was satisified that you had turned the corner because you had gained 7 oz in 7 days, so we weren't required to come back.  But the next week at your ACH study visit you only weighed 9'2 which is just a 1 oz gain in a week. I'm writting this post a few days after your month bday and although I haven't weighed you I am confident you have gained weight since your last weight check. You are filling out your clothes much more than last week and I can just tell you are heavier.  You are still nursing, but I do give you 1 bottle a day of breastmilk. One reason is so you are used to the bottle when you start daycare and the other just so I know your belly is good and full at night.
Length: 21 inches
Sleep: You are an amazing sleeper, we couldn't be happier about that.  From the day you came home from the hospital you  have only woken once or twice a night.  You love to be swaddled. You usually go down between 9 and 11p and wake between 12a-2a and then between 5a and 8a.  You are starting to stay awake more during the day and seem to be getting more interested in your playmat and the mobile on your swing.
Likes: swing, bouncy seat, being held and the pacifier(this should probably be under Love)
Dislikes: baths, although you do like your hair being washed and rinsed.  diaper changes and the hiccups.
You still have most of your hair and it seems to actually be growing already! I'm really hoping it doesn't all fall out, but even if it does you will still rock a bow like nobodys business.

 Finn really wanted in the bed with SC.  It seems like this boy has a bruise on his forehead at all times.  As soon as one fades away, he runs into something else. We need tp start making him wear a helmet at all times, I'm scared of what its going to be like as he gets older and started playing sports. 
 hope i can recreate this moment each month.
 Looking this precious will wear a girl out....
 Hate that her hand is all blurry, but I love the look on her face in this picture.
Sidney Claire,
Your Daddy and I love you so much and are so blessed to have you and your brother.  I'm so excited to watch you grow and learn, but please try not to do it too fast.

My Sweet Valentines

The Giant Lion

Finn convinced his Papa (Jeff's Dad) that he needed this Lion from the hosptial gift shop one day when he came to visit us.  He is obsessed with him and has even insisted that the Lion sleeps with him on a few nights.

 Just making sure Sissy is ok.  He is so sweet to her and will randomly stop whatever he is doing to go over and pat her or give her a kiss.  Whenever she cries he immediately starts making a shushing sound and runs over to pat her head or try and give her the pacifier.

 Just a few shots of SC from her first few days at home. I love this little outfit, in fact it was probably my favorite newborn outfit and I'm a little sad she has outgrown it already
 sweet brother
 Getting ready to head to her first Dr. appointment.
 This little outfit was Finn's and I just love having pictures of both of them wearing it. The top is SC and the bottom pic is Finn. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sidney Claire's Birthday

This is me 4 days before Sidney Claire was born.  It's almost surreal looking at this picture now 5 weeks later.  I knew I was huge, I own mirrors and it seemed that every person I saw on a daily basis commented on my size, but geez....:-)
 I didn't ever take a bare belly picture with Finn and I have really regretted it so I really wanted to document my belly with SC. This is the morning she was born on our way out the door to the hospital.
Sidney Claire was born via c-section on January 22, 2013 at 7:58am.  She weighed 9lbs 3oz and was 20.5 inches long. She was exactly 1 lb heavier and 1/2 an inch longer that big brother was. As soon as Dr. Harrison pulled her out all I could hear was everyone in the room saying "She's huge!", "look how big she is" and my favorite "She's so pretty" She came out screaming and scored a 8 and 9 on her Apgar. Jeff got to hold her and show her to me while Dr. Harrison finished up on me.
First picture

 My parents and Jeff's parents and his sister were able to be there that day, but we had asked them not to come to the hospital until around 9:30 so we would have some time with SC before everyone else got there to love on her.  We also wanted everyone to meet her at the same time, since her name was a secret until her birth.  I'm pretty sure everyone was shocked when they found out her name and I know my Dad was more than a little overwhelmed.

First Family Pic!!
 Finn walking into our room for the first time
My parents went and picked up Finn from daycare around 3 that afternoon and brought him to meet his new sister.  He was so excited and gave her lots of hugs and kisses.  He also was pretty excited about the Dinosaur books that Sidney Claire gave him. ;-)  He also is pretty obsessed with the big brother braclet he his wearing in this pic.  He still asks to wear it whenever he sees it.
SC was born Tuesday morning and we were discharged Friday morning.  We were more than ready to get home. Recovery was a little bit tougher this time, but I think that was mainly my own fault for pushing myself.  But overall, it was easy and I am already completely back to normal.  I was probably 80% by 2 weeks and 100% by 4.  I know lots of women have much different experiences with c-sections, but both of mine have been awesome.  While of course it would be nice not to have major surgery, it's just not in the plans for me and I'm ok with that.  Anything is worth having these two precious babies.
 Ready to go home!

Christmas Morning

We got home from Fort Smith around 10:30 Christmas Eve night.  We got Finn in bed and the car unloaded and started getting Finn's gifts from us and Santa set up for the next morning.  Santa brought him the Cozy Coup, a new tractor and a Dinosaur Train.  I know Santa wraps presents for some kids, but he never did when I was growing up and since we also open gifts from Momma and Daddy on Christmas morning, Santa decided that he wouldn't wrap Finn's. 

Morris the Stegasaurus came with the train.

Can't wait for warmed weather so this thing can go outside, ha!


 Jeff and I decided this year to start a new tradition of gift giving at Christmas.  It's called the 4 Gift Policy. Each child will recieve 4 gifts from Mom and Dad.
1. Something they want.
2. Something they need.
3. Something they wear.
4. Something they read.

Finn got plenty of gifts and it really helped us keep our spending under control.  Right now Jeff and I usually don't get each other gifts because we pretty much buy want we want, but as the kids get older we will apply the rules to ourselves as well.

Finn reading his new book

He was in desparate need of new sippy cups. It's amazing how those things disappear.
 He was not excited about the new jeans, ha!
 He WAS excited about this guaitar though! He loved playing with the one the Stinson boys have at their house, so it was an easy decision to get it for his "want" gift. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Christmas 2012 in Fort Smith

We spent the weekend before Christmas and Christmas Eve in Fort Smith this year.  Finn was still recovering from his broken leg, but he didn't let it slow him down much!

Enjoying some goodies

Looking at Gran and Papa Sid's Christmas Tree
Watching TV with Brody

He was so excited about his new basketball goal from Aunt LaLa and Uncle Darin

His cousin Josh got him this Cookie Monster toy and he was so excited he was literally shaking while Jeff was taking it out of the box.  He LOVES this thing! In fact, he had a meltdown the  night before SC was born because the batteries ran out and it wasn't working.  He ended up taking it to bed with him that night and we made sure to have batteries ready for the next morning.
He was not interested in smiling for a family pic.

This boy loves him some Aunt LaLa and Skye!