Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Finn!

Finn's Dinosaur birthday party was Saturday and he had the best time! While there were a few hiccups along the way (stomach bug, rain, problems with the cake) it was a fantastic day and we were so happy to have so many people who love this little guy there to celebrate.  There are a ton of pictures on this post, but I couldn't narrow it down.
I made his shirt and he was so proud of it.  He would pretty much showed it to everyone who walked in the door.  He also loved the dinosaur noses we had.

Getting photo bombed by cousin Parker

He got so many great gifts!
His face in this one cracks me up! It's so typical Finn
Animals were a huge hit!
And oh my goodness was he ever excited about this steering wheel
This one was a little confused about why she wasn't the center of attention, haha! although she had plenty of folks fighting over who was next in line to hold her.

He was loving having everyone sing Happy Birthday to him.

Family Picture Time!
he was done.

When your park party gets rained out you get to blow bubbles in the kitchen.
Sweet baby Cohen
Uncle Mike and Aunt Holly

This kid had 2 pieces of cake.  Can you tell?
Sidney Claire and Gran
And just for my Dad, the Clematis he planted for me last summer.

Sidney Claire is 3 months old- as of 4/22/13

So when you wait until 7pm to take pictures you don't always get the most cooperative, smiley baby. ;-)
Oh well, she's still cute as can be.

weight- 11lbs 7oz.
length- 22.5 inches
sleep- still sleeping great, you usually wake up around 4:30 but as soon as I give you your paci its back to sleep until 6 or 6:30a.  i'll be excited when you can finally put the paci back in yourself.  You are still sleeping in our room, but your days are numbered :-) You still like to be swaddled when you sleep, but you are very strong and will break out of my best swaddle in a second, so we have to use the SwaddleMe with velco.
Likes- still love the paci, you are really liking sleeping in your swing lately and going for walks outside.
Dislikes- having a dirty diaper and being held when you are tired.  Very rarely do you let me hold or rock you to sleep you much prefer being laid down either in your crib or in the swing with your blanket.
Milestones- You started daycare and are do so great! You have most of the same teachers your big brother had and they all just think you are the cutest, sweetest thing.  They tell me all the time that you are such a good baby! You also started taking Zantac for reflux this month and it has made a huge difference.  I will sometimes forget a dose in the mornings because its so crazy and I can tell a huge difference when you don't have it.  It's helping so much that you even get to go bib free sometimes.

Mommy is so funny sometimes.
She is constantly sticking out her tongue these days.

Monday, April 29, 2013

These make my heart swoon...

 I snapped these two pictures this afternoon and couldn't be more in love....

Friday, April 26, 2013

A few pictures from our week

enjoying his cheeseburger fresh off the grill
New hair bow
He is so much like his Daddy

love catching these moments.
This baby is so content and laid back! I swear the only time she cries is when she is hungry or tired and you are trying to hold her.  She hardly ever lets me hold her and rock her to sleep, she wants to be laid down all snuggly with her blanket and pacy and she just falls right to sleep.  This day she was playing while I fed Finn lunch and when I went in to check on her this is what I found.
So happy
 Finn usually never wants to hold SC unless I ask and even then it's hit or miss, but this day we were playing in the floor of Sidney Claire's room and he kept trying to pick her up. I asked him if he wanted to hold her and he patted is lap and smiled so we attempted it.  She wasn't that impressed with his skills. :-)

 I am so thankful for these babies. I still find it hard to believe sometimes that I have 2 babies.  Just a few more days until Finn's 2nd birthday. We are having his party tomorrow so I will try and post soon. I also need to get Sidney Claire's 3 month post up.

Here's a video with his birthday present he got early.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Late nights

Not sure what was going on with Finn last night, but our normally excellent sleeper decided he was a rock star and should get to stay up til all hours of the night.  After letting him cry from 7:30 until 8:30 then I rocked him for about 30 minutes before I gave in and let him come downstairs.  Mostly, because Jeff wasn't home and it was a little difficult to rock him and feed SC at the same time. Jeff finally got him in bed around 11p.  Then he woke up in the middle of the night and needed rocking to go back to sleep, which is even weirder! Needless to say he was not a happy boy this morning when he had to get up this morning.
Last Night
 This morning
 Hoping he takes a good nap at school and goes to bed easily tonight.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Zoo Fun

 The weather was beautiful this weekend so we took advantage of it and went to our favorite place, the Zoo!  We were almost to the entrance when I tripped on the side walk and while I didn't fall I did break my sandal. Awesome. We decided that Finn would not understand having to leave before we even started so Jeff went ahead and took the kids in and I was going to go home and change shoes. Luckily, while I was walking back to the car (with a sandal that was floppy around) I remembered I had a spare set of flip flops under one of the seats from last summer.  So yay for being lazy and never taking those shoes inside. :-)
 Finn loves the lions and he especially likes roaring like one.
 This happy girl was content to just ride along in the stroller
 The train is the highlight of any trip to the zoo.  Just look at the happy boy!

 I told Jeff it would make me so happy to have a pic of the kiddos in this cut out.  Obviously, the kids did not get the memo on corporating.
 Just another pic of our happy girl chatting with Momma after we got home. She is such a talker! She will sit in her chair and just jabber and squeel. She is so close to laughing out loud, but she hasn't yet.  She is 3 months today. I plan to take her pictures and get a blog post up either tonight or tomorrow.